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How to Stop Apps from Using Mobile Data on Android
Android Data Saver A more all-encompassing way of blocking background data usage across your Android apps is to use Android’s built-in data saver. Go to “Settings -> Network & internet -> Data Saver” and switch on the “Use Data Saver” slider.
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Data Saver Mode Added to Android TV in India

Android TV comes up to the Data Saver mode built-in very fast. The built-in data saver mode will decrease the usage of data on mobile connections, growing watch time up to 3x, according to Google. The corporation is also working on a new Data alert specification that will examine and automatically warn individuals about the usage of data while watching TV.
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 · Use Android Nougat’s “Data Saver” (Android 7.0+) Android 7.0 Nougat introduced a much more granular way to take the reins on your mobile data with a new feature called Data Saver. Basically, this allows you to limit background data used by apps, but whitelist anything that want to have unrestricted access.
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If data saver mode is off, the slider will be white. To turn data saver mode on, tap on the slider so that it turns white and blue. Samsung Galaxy S10
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G oogle has just announced that it’s updating its data saver mode found in Chrome for Android. This new data saver mode saves up to 70% data while browsing the web. Earlier
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Data Saver is a mode on Android devices which when turned on will restrict apps from using data in the background. So, when data saver is enabled on your Android phone, all the apps will be restricted giving no room for some apps that you may think are important
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 · Use Data Saver mode If you have Android 8.0 or later, your phone should come equipped with Data Saver mode, which kicks in when you’re not on …
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Android “Data Saver Mode” for Chrome might also block ad images Chris Burns – Dec 1 , 2015, 2:48pm CST What may be Google’s most important update to their Chrome web browser for Android
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Chrome for Android gets better Data Saver mode
Google has updated the Chrome browser for Android with an improved Data Saver mode to reduce data consumption and improve loading times of webpages on slow networks. Surfing the web using a cellular network in developing countries can often be an expensive affair due to the high cost of data connections and download caps.
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Chrome for Android gets better Data Saver mode, …

Chrome for android has turned to a more data friendly and personalised browser. Now you can save more on data while browsing the web, take videos and web pages offline and gets you personalised content. First the extended Data Saver mode on Chrome that helps lets you reduce the data usage while browsing a website.
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Google Evolves Chrome Data Saver Into New Lite …

Google Evolves Chrome Data Saver Into New Lite Mode By Daniel Golightly April 23, 2019 Advertisement Advertisement A new update is now rolling out to Chrome for Android …
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Android 9.0 電源管理之省電模式
Android的平臺上,耗電量的問題一直被人所詬病。從Lollipop開始,Google也一直非常重視對于省電模式的改造。本篇文章將會基于最新的Android Pie的代碼