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AWK enforces a record/field data format based on delimiters. However, using the printf function, you can also produce fixed-width tabular output. Because each format specifier in a printf statement can accept an optional width parameter:
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[email protected]:~# ll | awk ‘{print $3,$9}’ root ./ root ../ root .bash_history root .bashrc root .cache/ root .gnupg/ root .lesshst root .nano/ root .profile root .viminfo printf format, expr-list 簡單來說就是 printf 可以使用更多種格式 (ANSI C format) 輸出到標準輸出.可以使用的格式
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Format Modifiers
The GNU Awk User’s Guide 4.5.3 Modifiers for printf Formats A format specification can also include modifiers that can control how much of the item’s value is printed, as well as how much space it gets. The modifiers come between the ` % ‘ and the format-control letter. ‘ and the format-control letter.
20 awk examples – Linux Hint

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 · There are many ways to format and structure the output in AWK. Checkout the printing section on the AWK user guide for more information on this. Now we’ve selected a couple of columns to print out, let’s use AWK to search for a specific thing – a number we know exists in the dataset.
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The printf statement shall produce output based on a notation similar to the File Format Notation used to describe file formats in this volume of POSIX.1‐2017 (see the Base Definitions volume of POSIX.1‐2017, Chapter 5, File Format Notation).
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When my program is run five times and the output is piped to that awk command, it produces data like this: 1 12.11 2.547 2 11.294 3.07 3 14.375 3.102 4 12.407 3.208 5 …
Print to a file using awk
Saved format output in columns [grep, sed, awk or ?] Tag: regex,perl,awk,sed,expect I have created a Expect Script file that telnet to multiple +200 switches. My code: #!/usr/bin/expect -f #Slurp up the input file set fp [open “ip.txt” r] # To avoid empty lines
20 awk examples – Linux Hint
Chapter 6 Sed, awk, and regular expressions
At the same time we demonstrate how output from print statements in awk can be redirected to files, from within the awk script itself. This uses much the same syntax as the shell. Imagine that we want to put the IDs (called the vcf_names ) of the fish in data/wgs-chinook-samples.csv into separate files, one for each of the run_types of “Fall”, “Winter”, and “Spring”, and another
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Scan and parse the AWK program, and generate a GNU .pot (Portable Object Template) format file on standard output with entries for all localizable strings in the program. The program itself is not executed.
How to Parse the Tab-Delimited File Using `awk` – Linux Hint – Azatb

Columnar layout with AWK

In other words, I wanted to select columns from the output and have them printed neatly and aligned. Don’t ask me why, I guess it’s just some form of OCD. Homage Anyway, I decided to write this in AWK, partly because I don’t know AWK that well, but mostly as
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AWK command in Linux/Unix
AWK is suitable for pattern search and processing. The script runs to search one or more files to identify matching patterns and if the said patterns perform specific tasks. In this guide, we take a look into AWK Linux command and see what it can do.
20 awk examples – Linux Hint
Awk Command Usage
Format output lines Apply conditions and loops Rules, patterns, and actions of awk There are some rules, patterns, and actions to write an awk command. Each of the awk commands comprised of patterns and actions. The action is performed on the text that{}).
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The AWK Programming Language: An Introduction
The AWK utility is known for running programs that perform text processing and data extraction, and is often pre-installed on Linux and UNIX based operating systems. This article adopts a hands-on… The samples/statements.awk script. In the script above, the print function is called to format and send data to the standard output.