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Bubsy 3D
Bubsy 3D, also known as Bubsy 3D: Furbitten Planet, is a game developed by Eidetic and published by Accolade for the PlayStation. It is widely regarded as one of the worst games of all time. The game’s main character, Bubsy, roams around a forbidden planet (hence the name) and collects atoms. Bubsy must jump from platform to platform in order to get to the goal. There are a couple of boss
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Bubsy 3D (Video Game 1996)
With Lani Minella. The first, and only, 3D outing for Bubsy the Bobcat. Bubsy is kidnapped by the alien Woolies who take him to their home planet Rayon. Bubsy escapes and has to collect 32 rocket pieces in 18 levels before he can escape in this one 3D game.
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Bubsy 3D uses the third-person, behind-the-character view as seen in Mario 64 and Tomb Raider. Only here it’s combined with mundane jumping/shooting/gliding action. (For reasons never explained
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Bubsy 3D: Furbitten Planet
按一下以在 Bing 上檢視10:05 · The next two rounds of Bubsy 3D’s Two-Player Mode!These next two arenas are castle-themed and city-themed respectively. The castle level has some teleporters
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Bubsy 3D
Bubsy 3D is a gore-esque abomination who features Bubsy the bobcat which was a pretty popular Animal Mascot which featured itself in several pretty good 2D games. Then this Gamingpocalypse-esque abomination descended and killed the poor thing like a rabbit being ran over by a truck.
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In the cool Bubsy 3D – Furbitten Planet you must help Bubsy create his new rocket ship by exploring the planet looking for atoms and fighting off the hordes of Woolies that are hell bent on stopping him.
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Bubsy 3D is famous for being a trainwreck of a game. It was one of the very first 3D platformers, but it was in the unlucky position of coming out after games like Super Mario 64 and Crash Bandicoot (though just by a few months — Mario 64 launched June 23, 1996; Crash launched September 9; and Bubsy launched October 31).
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Retro game cheats for Bubsy 3d (PS1). Freeola has over 100,000 cheat codes for 12,348 games. It appears you are using an old browser, as such, some parts of the Freeola and Getdotted site will not work as intended. Using the latest version of your browser, or
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Bubsy 3D
Bubsy 3D (Bubsy is 3D in Furbitten Planet) è un Videogioco a piattaforme tridimensionale sviluppato da Eidetic e pubblicato da Accolade e Telstar nel 1996 per Sony PlayStation. È il quarto e ultimo videogioco della serie Bubsy.Il nome completo del gioco è una
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Bubsy 3D, a platform game in the Bubsy series for the PlayStation, was negatively received due to its disorienting camera, poor graphics, sluggish controls, and the titular character’s voice clips. Upon release Sushi-X of Electronic Gaming Monthly declared it “my first coaster award”, and remarked, “Pretend your controller is filled with mud—this is how Bubsy plays.”
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Bubsy 3D
Overview Bubsy 3D (known in-game as Bubsy is 3D in: Furbitten Planet) is a 3D platformer developed by Eidetic and published by Accolade (Telstar in Europe) for the Sony PlayStation on October 31, 1996.The fourth and last game of the original Bubsy series, Bubsy 3D brings the titular anthropomorphic bobcat to 3D in third-person perspective (with awkward tank-based controls).
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Bubsy 3D (также известна под названиями Bubsy Is 3D in Furbitten Planet и Bubsy 3D: Furbitten Planet) — видеоигра серии Bubsy в жанре платформер, разработанная командой Eidetic и изданная компанией Accolade в 1996 году для игровой приставки PlayStation.
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Bubsy 3D
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