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What was the European Economic Community?
The EEC’s dominance also meant that the practice of using the plural ‘Communities’ became increasingly uncommon outside of official documents. These names stayed unchanged through the 1970s and 1980s, although the use of the middle E in EEC, i.e. that standing for ‘Economic’, gradually fell into disuse, given that the Community’s remit now ranged beyond economic matters narrowly
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On March 25, 1957, France, West Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg sign a treaty in Rome establishing the European Economic Community (EEC), also …
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Which Countries Are Members of the EEC?
 · The EEC was first established in 1957 when the Treaty of Rome was signed by the six founding members of France, West Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, Italy and the Netherlands. Originally proposed as an economic union, but with policy initiatives such as the Maastricht Treaty, it developed into a political, economic and monetary union of 28 countries.
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European Economic Community (EEC)

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Since Ireland joined the European Economic Community (EEC) in 1973 … after 10 years of accession negotiations ! … an ‘informed’ view of European Integration has always been that the different Countries are pooling their national sovereignty, in an expanding
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After more than 10 years of negotiating, in 1973 the UK joined the European Economic Community (EEC) – also known as the Common Market. The Daily Mail described the EEC as “a free association of nations drawn together by a common will to bury the sword”.
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Posts about european economic community eec written by Craig Bromyard Established in 1958 as a means to stimulate growth and to reduce the chance of a repeated war in the region, The European Union now covers 27 countries across the continent (Europa, n
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1 January 1973. The UK officially became a member of the European Economic Community (EEC). The Daily Mail was very enthusiastic abou… | Brexit ...
Most relevant lists of abbreviations for EEC (European Economic Community) 9 Medical 9 Technology 5 Supply chain 5 Toxicology 4 Banking 4 Logistics 4 Technical 3 European Union 3 Trading 3 Geography show more Alternative Meanings 422 alternative EEC
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European Economic Community, dinaglat ang EEC. Parehong ang European Common Market European Common Market. Itinatag noong 1958 sa ilalim ng Romano Convention noong 1957. Ang mga bansa ng bansa ay ang France,
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The European Economic Community was officially established by the Treaty of Rome in 1957. It then consisted of six member states – Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg, West Germany and the Netherlands. The European Union, as it is now known, now consists
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European Economic Community
European Economic Community (EEC), organization established (1958) by a treaty signed in 1957 by Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and West Germany (now Germany); it was known informally as the Common Market. The EEC was the
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