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Langer’s Lines
Langer’s lines are lines of tension or cleavage within the skin that are characteristic for each part of the body. In microscopic sections cut parallel with these lines, most of the collagenous bundles of the reticular layer are cut longitudinally, while in sections cut across the lines…
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What are langer lines?
Langer lines (Cleavage lines) correspond to the alignment of collagen fibers in the dermis (a layer of skin). The cleavage lines correspond closely to the crease lines on the surface of the skin in most parts of the body. If you puncture the skin
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Posterior view of the body showing Langer’s lines
Langer’s lines are lines of tension or cleavage within the skin that are characteristic for each part of the body. Request information on how to purchase usage rights to this image Please fill out the form below with all the relevant details.
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Langer’s Lines
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Relaxed Skin Tension Lines
Langer Lines Historically used to determine optimal incision line Based on biopsy procedures on cadavers Worse cosmetic result than with Skin Tension Lines Images: Related links to external sites (from Bing) These images are a random sampling from a Bing

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Pityriasis Rosea: Diagnosis and Treatment

 · PDF 檔案 · Langer lines. FIGURE 6 Generalized rash on the trunk. FIGURE 7 Typical oblong trunk lesions of pityriasis rosea. Reprinted with permission from Stulberg DL, Wolfrey J. …
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Langer’in hatları – Langer’s lines Vikipedi, özgür ansiklopedi Langer’in çizgileri Tanımlayıcılar TA98 A16.0.00.008 TA2 7045 FMA 71951 Anatomik terminoloji [ Vikiveri’de düzenle] Langer çizgileri, cilt gerginliği Langer çizgileri veya bazen denilen bölünme çizgileri
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Famous lines in history: Langer lines — University of …

TY – JOUR T1 – Famous lines in history T2 – Langer lines AU – Abyaneh, Mohammad Ali Yazdani AU – Griffith, Robert AU – Falto-Aizpurua, Leyre AU – Nouri, Keyvan PY
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Linie Langera – Langer’s lines Z Wikipedii, wolnej encyklopedii Linie Langera Identyfikatory TA98 A16.0.00.008 TA2 7045 FMA 71951 Terminologia anatomiczna [ edytuj w Wikidanych] Linie Langera, linie Langer napięcia skóry, czasem nazywanych liniami cięcia
(a) Orientation of samples from the back. Specimens are superimposed... | Download Scientific Diagram
Langer Lines Up Inquiry
Langer Lines Up Inquiry Aug. 31, 1954 Credit The New York Times Archives See the article in its original context from August 31, 1954, Section books, Page 19 Buy Reprints View on timesmachine