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移民文件認證,國際公證項目包括海外樓宇買賣文件簽署認證,申請海外銀行開戶簽名及身份認證,海牙認證(Apostille …

本行是一間專注做國際公證(Notary Public)及設有海牙成員國加簽認證服務(Apostille Service),提供國際公證(Notary Public),親子鑑定認證及使館加簽等。我們的公證律師會就著所申請的認證文件提供專業的意見。
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Notarisations are sufficiently fulfilled by the Hong Kong Notary Public in most cases. However, there are exceptions, such as the incorporation of a WOFE where the Chinese Notary will be required. Apostille Specifically for authenticating public documents.
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A Hong Kong Notary Public (service inquiry 68889999) is a internationally recognised trusted authority. International and Trusted Character of a Notary Public Notaries are granted the capacity and power to act in international transactions, foreign or oversea instruments Their qualification is …
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 · In most cases, a Hong Kong Notary Public is sufficient, but there are some exceptions. For example, when setting up a WOFE, a Chinese Notary is usually required. Apostille An apostille is used specifically for authentication of public documents with the
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We are a Hong Kong-based legal firm with a team of over 30 Hong Kong lawyers of which 4 are Notary Public, over 15 are Civil Celebrant of Marriages and 3 China-Appointed Attesting Officer. MOTTO : EXPERIENCE‧SPEED‧LOW-COST Our lawyers specialise in
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Notary Public in HK
 · And for Certifying Hong Kong documents, the usual cost is $1,000.00HKD per each document certified. Notary Public is a (English) United Kingdom system, other countries are only following the Notary Public system and try to adept to it. U.S. Consultate is
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Notary Public 國際公證人 Hong Kong Home Notary Public Services Service Process & Charge Profile Contact More Notary Fee 費用 For most cases, we should be able to tell you the fees payable in advance. For a quote, please send your document by email to
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The copy of identification document is deemed to be certified as a true copy if it is duly certified by: a notary public practising in Hong Kong; a solicitor practising in Hong Kong; a certified public accountant (practising) within the meaning of section 2 of the
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Notary Public 國際公證人 Hong Kong Home Notary Public Services Service Process & Charge Profile Contact More Contact us / Appointment 聯絡資料 For enquiry, please contact: Whatsapp or mobile : (852) 6028 2100 Direct line : (852) 3526 7868
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A Hong Kong Notary Public will have been qualified by the Notaries Public Examination held by Hong Kong Society of Notaries in addition to their appointment to the Hong Kong High Court. Individuals who hold this role act to serve the public by preparing and providing authentication services for the execution of documents for use and acceptance overseas (except Mainland China).
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Unit 1720, 17/F., Tower 1, Admiralty Centre, 18 Harcourt Road, Hong Kong. Address: 香港金鐘夏慤道18號海富中心第一座17字樓1720室 Phone Number: 2586-1881 Fax Number: 2596-0909 Email Address: [email protected] Date of Appointment as Civil
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Hong Kong is an international city, and individuals and companies frequently need documents to be notarized for other jurisdictions. We are able to provide that service. We understand that signatures and documents sometimes have to be notarized urgently and when necessary our notary endeavour to make himself available at short notice.
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In most cases, a Hong Kong Notary Public will be sufficient in verifying or certifying your documents, however, there will be exceptions depending on your specific requirements from the other party. For example, when setting up a WOFE ( A Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise ) a Chinese Notary …
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