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Osquip In the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game, the osquip is a type of magical beast. See also: words rhyming with osquip, words from word “osquip”, , words starting with “os”,
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O is for Osquip » Ben Towle: Cartoonist, Educator, Hobo

The osquip is the original original party animal. Also, though, he looks a lot like the signature dogs drawn by one of my favorite New Yorker cartoonists, George Booth: Anyhoo, here he is: O is for Osquip
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 · Well since Scott converted the Hollyphant.what about the Osquip. I remember using these at one time and a bunch of them made the group tremble because of …
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The Ecology of the Osquip
The Ecology of the Osquip Author Johnathan M. Richards Book Type Background: Group Genre Fantasy Setting Generic Series GURPS Traveller System AD&D 2 Parent: [ D&D / OSR ] Article Summary [ Edit Article Info] Rats! This article is contained in .
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Créature magique de taille P Source : Races de Faerun Dés de vie : 1d10+4 (9 pv) Initiative : +1 Vitesse de déplacement : 12 m (8 cases), creusement 3 m Classe d’armure : 15 (+1 taille, +1 Dex, +3 naturelle), contact 12, pris au dépourvu 14 Attaque de base/lutte : +1/-1 Attaque : morsure (+5 corps à corps, 1d6+3) Attaque à outrance : morsure (+5 corps à corps, 1d6+3) Espace occupé
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Osquip Rat Red Dragon Reef Giant Remorhaz Revenant Roc Roper Rust Monster Sahuagin Sapphire Dragon Satyr Scorpion Giant Huge Large Sea Lion Selkie Shadow Shadow Dragon Shedu Shedu Shedu, Greater Silver Dragon Sirine Skeleton Skeleton Animal
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Dire Boar Osquip, Giant Dire Badger Scorpion, Giant Dire Bear Beetle, Giant Dire Panther Spider, Giant Dire Polar Bear —– Treant Shambler Myconid —– Spider, Phase Spider, Shadow Winter Wolf Celestial Leopard Worg Blink Dog Displacer Beast
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Osquip I like to think the artist’s meeting for this one went a little something like this: “So, it’s like a rat, right, but it’s got big teeth.” Unsurprisingly, the Osquip has a pretty good bite attack. Encountering one is probably like running into a giant version of those
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 · Anyway, the osquip is the size of a dog, True Neutral and has animal-level INT. It also has 3+1 HD and deals 2d6 points of damage with its bite. If an osquip gets into a fight with the aforediscussed ogrillon, there’s a decent chance that it will win. This is the kind
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Fiend Folio (1e)
The Fiend Folio, subtitled Tome of Creatures Malevolent and Benign, is a sourcebook for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 1st edition released in 1981. 1 Content 1.1 Introductory sections 1.2 List of monsters 1.3 Other material 2 Development 2.1 Monster origins