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React Native Color
3. React Native Color Using processColor In the example below, we have imported the processColor from react native like. import { processColor } from “react-native”; and have used the function hexStringFromCSSColorand used the (“rgba(209,0,255,0.5)”)for
How to change the default theme color
Possible to change Background Color using Expo hot 11 DatePicker Alignment in iOS 14 hot 11 Set date Picker Language To French – react-native-modal-datetime-picker hot 10 Only month/year date hot 7
react-native wrapper for android BottomSheetBehavior

A lightweight React hook for Modals/Dialogs

Option Description background sets the color of the backdrop, if nothing is set, there will be no backdrop closeOnOutsideClick This will close the modal when not clicking within the modal. Default is true closeOnEsc This will allow you to hit ESC and it will close the

React Native modal component to select options from …

react-native-modal-select-list React Native modal component to select options from list Usage import { ModalSelectList, } Custom color for header background buttonTextColor String Custom color for header text labels numberOfLines Number Options object

Button · React Native Paper

Mode of the button. You can change the mode to adjust the styling to give it desired emphasis. text – flat button without background or outline (low emphasis) outlined – button with an outline (medium emphasis) contained – button with a background color and elevation shadow (high emphasis)
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React Color
Color controls what color is active on the color picker. You can use this to initialize the color picker with a particular color, or to keep it in sync with the state of a parent component. Color accepts either a string of a hex color ‘#333’ or a object of rgb or hsl values { r: 51, g: 51, b: 51 } or { h: 0, s: 0, l: .10 }..
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How to add a Splash Screen in React Native App

Part 2 – Adding Splash screen in react-native app side For adding splash screen in react native side follow all the steps carefullly. let’s start-Step 1 – Creating project Firstly we need to create a react native project react-native init splashScreenProject Step 2
GitHub - eyaleizenberg/react-native-custom-action-sheet: React Native custom action sheet
Easy React Modals with Hooks and Portals
Niels Gerritsen · Mar 2, 2019 March 2, 2019 Modals, there are a thousand ways of implementing them, but the biggest challenge is to keep them simple and flexible. Let’s do that with React Hooks & Portals! The code in this article can be found at Codepen. So
Step by step guide on how to Change background and text color of Android date time Picker in React Native
React Native Carousel
Introduction to React Native Carousel Carousel, as we all know, is a set of images or banners which we have on our Homepage which changes after an equal interval of time or by action. Carousels have become one of the important parts of the applications as well. It

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React Navigation 5.x Configure Header Bar Title Text Style Background Color in React Native Run React Native Project on Specific iOS Simulator Device in MAC 2 Comments
18 React Native Popup Component Libraries you Should Know
Status bar in React Native explanation with example
Introduction : Status bar can be styled starting from Android Kitkat. You can change the color of the status bar and change the style in Android. In this post, I will show you how to create and style one status bar in React native. StatusBar is the component that we need to import.
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React Native v0.63.x released

v0.63.x on GitHub (npm) Release blog post Changelog v0.63.0 Breaking The target field of events is now a native component, not a react tag (3b813cade1 by @TheSavior) Modal: Remove support for animated prop (deprecated in 0.26) (1e9db7bd6d by @TheSavior
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SafeAreaView in React Native and where to use it
Introduction : If you know iOS development, then you must be aware of the term safe area. In react native, SafeAreaView component is used for iOS version 11 or later devices. It renders nested contents. So, this view is used as the parent of all views. SafeAreaView renders nested content and automatically applies padding to reflect the nested contents that are not covered by navigation bar