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以免養成不良的撰碼習慣。等寫熟了之後,最好一律加上這兩個 pragmas,Introduction to Perl - Day 2

use strict (Programming Perl)

use strict; # Install all no strict “vars”; # then renege on one. This lexically scoped pragma changes some basic rules about what Perl considers to be legal code. Sometimes these restrictions seem too strict for casual programming, such as when you
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The use strict Pragma
The use strict Pragma Perl tends to be a permissive language.[105] But maybe you want Perl to impose a little discipline; that can be arranged with the … – Selection from Learning Perl, Fourth Edition [Book] To learn about the other restrictions, see the
#!/usr/bin/perl use strict; use warnings;

‘use strict’ is not Perl

Use strict affects variables, references, and subroutines. For the sake of brevity, I’ll just cover variables. Let’s face it, when you have a 2000 line program and buried in that program, somewhere, is a variable mis-named %quarterly_reciepts , it’s not an easy issue to figure out.
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Always use strict and warnings
Always start your Perl code with: use strict; use warnings; Example code that generates warning: Add code everywhere to avoid warnings: examples/advanced-perl
Why use strict?
 · This is my 2nd day as a Perl on Windows programmer (5.12 Strawberry) and i heard it many times to use strict and warnings, which seems like good advice. And use strict & use warnings has helped heaps. But in one instance my code works only without
How to Use Strict in Perl?
use strict vars; Enforce strict subroutine identifier use. Subroutines are accessed using a bare word identifier, which means that you simply type the name of a subroutine to access it. Other elements of Perl also use identifiers, but they must be qualified with
Perl 中hash_ref 傳遞問題。從一個程序傳到另一個perl程序的問題_百度知道
[Perl] 程式設計教學,而 use warnings; 會開啟較多的警告訊息。一開始練習撰寫 Perl 程式時,基本觀念
Pragmas 是用來改變 Perl 的行為,以 use strict; 來說,要寫一些用完即丟的命令稿或是
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use strict
 · use strict. Perl Forums on Bytes. Ok, I got my hard hat ready for the beating but: What is the advantage of using strict? I mean I got my survey up and running, but if …
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use strict;

use strict;
PPT - Introduction to Perl Programming PowerPoint Presentation. free download - ID:4579828
How to Use Strict in Perl
How to Use Strict in Perl De programmeertaal Perl heeft een ingebouwd mechanisme voor het beperken van onveilige programmering praktijken. Dit mechanisme heet “strikte.” Het kan u helpen bouwen meer robuuste toepassingen, omdat het raadt u om veilig
JavaScript “use strict”
The “use strict” Directive The “use strict” directive was new in ECMAScript version 5. It is not a statement, but a literal expression, ignored by earlier versions of JavaScript. The purpose of “use strict” is to indicate that the code should be executed in “strict
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Основы Perl — use strict, ссылки и функции
Еще раз повторяю — при написании скрипта, размером более 10-и строк кода, всегда используйте директиву use strict.В противном случае вы рискуете потратить много времени на исправление совершенно «мистических» ошибок.
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How To Use Functions in Perl
Perl Subroutine — How To Use Functions in Perl Perl Articles Let’s start by creating a simple subroutine in Perl. The following subroutine takes no parameters and has no return value; all it does it print “hello”. use strict; use warnings; # Create a greet() subroutine